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1) All are welcome to join. To join just simply click join and you're in!
2) Please only submit SHARK related pieces meaning the main focus of the drawing/picture and so forth MUST be sharkies.
3) Please do not submit any sexually themed pieces, want to keep this group a clean one!
4) Be nice to fellow members! And most of all have fun!


Broadnose Sevengill
(Notorynchus cepedianus)

Order: Hexanchiformes
Family: Hexanchidae

Gray and brown body with many black spots. Blunt head shape, with wide mouth and small eyes. One dorsal fin, saw like teeth.

Size Range:
Female/Male: 2.96 m
Male: 130-170 cm
Female: 200 cm

In cold temperate waters. Occurs in intertidal waters up to 136m, but generally in 50m. There may be some isolated populations.

Coastal, common in shallow waters and close to shore.  

Swim throughout the water column and have been known to stick their heads above the surface, a behavior known as “spy-hopping”. Sexual segregation in this species has been observed. It is unknown what sort of migrations they may undergo in general but it has been seen in South Africa that the fish return to the same breeding grounds each year.

Ovoviviparous with 82-92 pups per litter. In certain populations, estuaries are utilized as nursery grounds for pups. In other populations this is not seen and all sizes and sexes of the species are found throughout coastal waters. Females generally have pups ever 2 years.


Feeds primarily on fishes when they are younger, and less frequently bivalves, cephalopods and crustaceans. As they age they begin to consume dolphins and seals as well as other cartilaginous fishes.

Population Status:
IUNC List: Data Deficient. They are fished for liver oil and for their hides. Due to its nature as a nearshore coastal species it is also greatly vulnerable to being caught as bycatch.

Life span:
Life span has not been determined yet, there have been estimates around 32 years old.

Sharks of The World, Leonard Compagno, Marc Dando and Sarah Fowler

Certainly More Than you Want to Know About the Fishes Of The Pacific Coast, Milton Love

Fish Base,

IUNC Red List:…
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